S.P.U.D.S was created when two hardcore DEVO nuts realised that they shared an interest in the DEVO fan websites of yester decades. Together, they dreamed of creating a website that would serve to catalog these sites, for anyone and everyone to browse. That website is the one you are currently reading. --Seats
In an age where innocent people are losing their freedom of choice faster now than ever, it is essential for free-thinking spuds to let their voices heard while they still can. With illegitimate authority using fearmongering and manipulation to place a firm clampdown on how individuals can dress, act, and even think, it may be soon that interviews and articles criticizing these oppressive systems will become obsolete.
Devo were born as a response to these horrid symptoms of modern society. Expressed in their songs and interviews is a dedication to battling the exercise of power and greed, views that may not be so kosher in the years, months, weeks to come. It is of utmost importance that this speech be preserved for future generations. --Sophia