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PHASE 1 [2000-2003]
Earliest [2000/10/17] Latest [2003/12/07]
Club DEVO initially carried a cartoony, Adventures of the Smart Patrol-esque aesthetic. Features included a bare bones store, information about the aforementioned CD-ROM, and the Brainwasher, an updated ezine version of the newsletter that DEVO had previously published a sole (physical) issue of in the early 1980s.
At the time, they also held a promotion on the site Shockwave that featured a Flash animated performance by the "Big Dirty Farmers" (viewable here). The website contained some background on the group as well as the other "acts" that sadly never materialized.
PHASE 2 [2004-2009]
Earliest [2005/01/18] Latest [2008/12/18]
Michael "DEVO-Obsesso" Pilmer took the reigns of Club DEVO's layout in early 2004, giving the site his trademark simple-yet-effective HTML style still maintained on his own page today. More features were added to the site, including an updated Brainwasher page and various pages highlighting the efforts of dedicated fans, from tattoos ("chosen mutations") and impressive collections. The Club would maintain this presentation for the next five years.
This version of the site featured sheet music for various DEVO songs. [Thanks for alerting me, Seats!]
PHASE 2.5 [2009-2010] Earliest [2009/09/19] Latest [2010/01/29]
In preparation for Something For Everybody's release, the site settled for a bare bones appearance, though I'm honestly uncertain if a large portion of assets were not saved in archival or if the site was just that simplified. By early 2010 a sexy corporate entrance was added to the site.
PHASE 3 [2010-2012] Earliest [2010/06/12] Latest [2012/02/06]
The Something For Everybody era was in full swing, and DEVO was hopping on the bandwagon of connectivity established by previous fan-powered sites. DEVOtees could join the Devolutionary Army and chat on the website.
The site went under construction and relaunched in May.
PHASE 4 [2012-2017] Earliest [2012/05/02]
Latest [2017/06/17]
Post-SFE, the site took on a dark grey color palette and retro-meets-modern graphix, a nice meeting of their DIY days and their corporate present that would prove fitting when the band embarked on the Hardcore DEVO Tour smack dab in the middle of this version of the site's lifespan.
In late 2017, Club DEVO would receive a funky, colorful facelift into the age of Web 2.0 site design that it still maintains to this day. -- Sophia


Since the 1990s, Michael "DEVO-Obsesso" Pilmer has been plugging away at preserving DEVO's artistic legacy to the point where he now serves as DEVO's official archivist. His dedicated webpage serves as a living document of DEVO's enduring relevancy and creativity as well as a time capsule of DEVO concerts and fan gatherings long past. --Sophia

In 2020, with plans for the yearly DEVOtional gathering aborted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Michael Pilmer's YouTube channel hosted the DEVOtional 2020 Tribute Livestream, a digital ceremony meant to honor the history and legacy of the annual event. DEVO's Gerald Casale, Mark Mothersbaugh, Bob Mothersbaugh, and Josh Hager as well as comedian/DEVOtee Fred Armisen and Yo Gabba Gabba! host DJ Lance Rock, shared stories of DEVO's legacy, music fandom, live concert participation and attendance, and perseverance among other de-evolved topics.


Earliest [2006/04/22]

Clicking through different iterations of DEVO's MySpace page, the comment section is frequently baffling and hilarious. Also, the actual earliest version of this address is the personal page of a chick named Devan. --Sophia


Latest [2003/04/23]
The official website for the Devo Presents Adventures of the Smart Patrol video game, released in 1996.
On their official website back then, an "Alphabetical Guide to Spudland" was published as a glossary of DEVO slang and terms, most of which only makes sense in the context of the game. --Sophia



MM's beautifully dated art site; lots to explore. --Good Seats

Home page The Fifty by Fifty
DEVO bassist and chief strategist Gerald Casale has, in recent years, not found himself limited to the musical sphere outside of DEVO; aside from directing music videos and commercials, he has of late branched out into the wine industry via his wine brand. But the spirit of DEVO never left him, and with DEVO concerts postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the time was right to reflect on veteran days gone by.
In 2006, Gerald had assumed the persona of his alter ego, Jihad Jerry, for an album entitled Mine Is Not A Holy War. The album received a reissue in 2021, available for purchase here.

Let's take a walk down Memory Lane with JJ:

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Latest [2006/08/14]
!!! This site uses Adobe Flash! !!!
The first site promoting the Jihad Jerry side project. Contains a free MP3 download of "The Owl." Earliest archived version accessed 2006/02/26; redirects to after the latest archived date. --Sophia


PHASE 1 [2006] Latest [2006/06/19]
!!! This site uses Adobe Flash! !!!
Earliest archived date 2006/06/12. This is the most beautiful usage of Flash I have ever seen.
PHASE 2 [MID 2006-2008]
Latest [non-fragmented] [2006/06/15] Latest [fragmented] [2008/05/11]
I hate how fragmented every version of this version of the site is. No videos (some of which have not surfaced on YouTube) or "sightings" (Jerry edited into photos) archived. The most complete version was this--note that it is dated 2006/06/15, during which the original site was still in use.
If you're really bored, his entire in-character blog from the era (including comments) is still around, as it was powered by Blogspot. Read it here. --Sophia


Earliest [2006/02/11] Latest [2007/02/19]

Once available on the JJ Myspace page were songs from the Army Girls Gone Wild EP and later the entire album. These songs became lost to time after the infamous MySpace server migration; however, in 2020, the Internet Archive was able to rescue these songs as part of approximately half a million of the 50 million lost uploaded tracks.
Note that these versions of "Army Girls Gone Wild" and "The Owl" feature radically different mixings than their album equivalents.
These songs can be accessed via below:
"Army Girls Gone Wild"
"The Owl"
"The Time Is Now"
"If The Shoe Fits"


There's nothing much to see on the current version of the page. Archived versions offer some very interesting comments from female fans... --Sophia

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Latest [2008/07/03]
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Reviews, History & Links page [2007/11/24]
The official page for the Wipeouters' album. Some fantastic, in-your-face Flash animation here. --Sophia

Official website


The Church of the SubGenius, the church to end all churches, has been in kahoots with Devo for decades now--that's Rev. Ivan Stang's stop-motion animation in the Love Without Anger video, for example. SubGenii can be found at many Devo-affiliated events, and the Church has compiled on their site many reports on DEVOtionals and the like alongside their own ritualistic gatherings.
DEVOtional 2000 report
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DEVOtional 2007 report [video]
Jocko Dome-O report and DEVOtional 2008 report
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DEVOtional 2016 report and video reports Day1 and Day 2
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