In this modern age, technology has increased the ease at which information can be accessed. It's not hard at all to find texts, videos, images, and video files to download free of charge on the 'net without the need to make back-alley deals or smuggle items across borders (well, a good chunk of the time).

However, some do not think that all information should be out there in the open. This isn't just about works that a creator would rather not be widely distributed -- in those cases it is understandable for that type of trade to be much more hidden and secretive. But when it comes to content where knowledge of it is widely known and the original creators do not care if it is widely distributed or not, that content should be allowed to be freely distributed, whether it be through direct download or catalogs and correspondance, without sketchy gatekeeping.

Sites like the Devo-centric Booji Boy's Basement and the various other non-Devo bootleg archival sites out there act nobly in helping interesting, rare material make it safely into the hands of spuds without hassle. We wholeheartedly salute these efforts.
This corner of this website is dedicated to slices of de-evolved content that we have decided should be freely distributed to all the spuds and spudesses who would like to access it.


In 1996, Devo graced their FMV CD-ROM game, Adventures of the Smart Patrol, to the world. The game was chock-full of depth and built heavily upon Devo's "Spudland" mythos, yet the gameplay itself made it so complicated and often tedious to actually see the main plotline unfold that most spuds quit the game early on.
The game file itself is available to download at the non-for-profit sites Booji Boy's Basement and the Internet Archive and it's walkthrough is freely accessible, but many don't think that setting up a virtual machine is worth it for such an unwieldy game. Some of the in-game events, including a playthrough of the game's main route, are available to watch on YouTube, but there still isn't that much content there.
Ripping the game to a disc reveals a slew of FMV cutscenes, audio files, and image files that were used in the game. However, downloading these files to one's computer can be a hassle. We here at S.P.U.D.S. did this job for you.

We need your help!

As of 2020/07/26, this download contains folders of JPEG files found after messing around with file viewing settings, resulting in more folders being visible when examining the disc. These JPEG files consist of an entire (albeit censored and relatively low-quality) scan of Booji Boy's My Struggle, as well as even more attached the General Boy's House, Smart Patrol Headquarters, and Lifeforms Unlimited locations. These files cannot be accessed through a normal file viewer.
I contacted hardcore Devo archivist Alex Brunelle of Booji Boy's Basement about accessing these files, but neither of us had any luck, even when seeing what we could do on virtual machines. So, I'm putting these files out there to see if anyone can have any success in accessing them.
Send us an email at if you can help us out!

We highly reccomend downloading the VideoLAN VLC Media Player or IrfanView to access the video and audio files, as not all operating systems may be able to read the file types [.MOV and .AIF] from the get go.

We also plan on converting some of these cutscenes into .GIF form and placing them on this page for your viewing pleasure.

Download Devo Presents Adventures of the Smart Patrol cutscenes (224.6 MB)


In the year 2007, Devo's Gerald V. Casale was given an intriguing task: Create a ten-minute long promotional short for long-time friend and collaborator John Zabrucky's successful science-fiction props company, Modern Props. The two had known each other since the pre-May 4th days at Kent State and kept a strong relationship, with Zabrucky even helping out on Casale's iconic "Whip It" music video as art director. Zabrucky's fascination with machinery and technology resulted in the formation of Modern Props, who created intricate, unique sci-fi props for media like Blade Runner, Star Trek, and many, many more. The company sadly shuttered in 2020 after 42 years of servicing the world with such beautiful machines.
Back to 2007. Just in time for that year's holiday season, Casale finished his Modern Props promo film, Santa Claus vs. the Taliban Time Travellers from Outer Space, the title of which isn't too surprising coming from a man hot off the heels of his "Jihad Jerry & the Evildoers" project. In fact, I wouldn't be shocked at all if the snappy blue turban sported by Luis Fernandez-Gil in the short was one of the turbans previously sported by Jihad, albeit with a nifty sci-fi device replacing the "JJ" logo badge. The film is campy as all hell, featuring absurd War on Terror-era satire, mind reading, lingerie, and, of course, some impressive Mo-Pro tech. All this in just ten minutes! I'd presume that the campiness was intentional--Casale and Zabrucky were both heavily influenced by the often-weird world of old-school sci-fi for their respective creative catalogs. It's a truly weird watch.
The short, which Casale wrote, directed, and associate-produced, also featured "Bob 2" Casale as sound designer; Zabrucky served as art director and executive producer. Mark Mothersbaugh's festive tune "Joyeux Mutato" is also used. Catch Michael Schwartz, best known as Rod Rooter in various Devo films and the Adventures of the Smart Patrol game, in what may be one of his only--if not his only--non-Devo acting roles.

Included in this download are scans of the DVD and the case as well as the insert--a thank-you message from Zabrucky himself to all those who supported his business. The insert also denotes this specific DVD as number 1,278 out of 2,500.

Download Santa Claus vs. the Taliban Time Travellers from Outer Space (424.7 MB)


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