(Spuds Performing an Unneccessary Daunting Service)

Planet Earth's Only DEVO Internet Archive

So, you'd like to browse S.P.U.D.S., eh? Indeed a wise decision.

This site is to serve as the first and only online archive of interviews with and early internet webpages made in honor of art punk pioneers DEVO.

As the rights of the online citizen come under attack and mass media becomes more and more unreliable, it is uncertain that the radical ideas expressed in many of DEVO's interviews will remain accessible in their original forms in the future. On top of this, the majority of DEVO's fansites are now defunct, lost to the sands of the rapidly-changing internet landscape. While many of these pages remain accessible in fragmented forms, whether it be through domains that still exist or the Internet Archive's WayBack Machine, there has been no effort to gather the collective works of these dedicated netizen spuds in one definitive place.

That changes with S.P.U.D.S.


Adobe Flash Player, a program needed to fully experience numerous webpages archived on this site, was rendered unusable at the end of 2020. Luckily, the Internet Archive has the ability to emulate Flash programs animations in-browser via Ruffle, which is also downloadable on its own. We recommend that all of our viewers download this program. Other in-browser programs such as CheerpX also exist in response.

archived from www.clubdevo.com, circa 2004-2009
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